Access Floor


Aadam raised floor systems can help with raised flooring solutions that carry to bring your people and places together in cooperation always that reduce costs and ameliorate improve performance.A raised access flooring is a plat form built several (many) inches above the structural floor, creating a cavity hole/ void between the existing structural floor and the upper surface of the raised floor. The cavity is utilized for distribution of building services such as power, ”voice, data, heating and cooling services”, etcetera and is easily accessible any-time for upgrading and re-configuration of your work space.

Access Floor
Pedestal Come Tile Laying

Raised access floor systems consist of bolt-together metal pedestals and floor panels of various infill’s.
The system is completely modular :- any panel can be un-covered to access the wires beneath the surface, enabling changes to be made easily without the need for skilled man’ power or specialized equipment in minimal down-time, The finished floor surface can be vinyl-tile, carpet-tile, laminate or stone finished.

Access floor systems are designed keeping in mind the constantly changing customised required needs of the new age work space , access floor can efficiently responds to the organizational and technological changes quickly  and attenuate noise , improve personal comfort control and Increase the aesthetic of the building’s . Also raised access flooring is a long term cost effective investment providing a tremendous amount of flexibility & capacity in minimal time,

A perfect platform for business, this system reduces life cycle costs and is designed to meet the most demanding needs of new or refurbished buildings, offering you a flexible and high performance the panel, With the integrated raised access flooring system, you can convert any facility in to a strategic asset. one you can confide on to deliver measurable Advantages, of access flooring.

Type Of Systems:

Access Floor
Pedestal Arrangements

Steel Cementitious Flange Panel

Aadam Access Flooring Flange Panels {600 X 600-MM} are non combustible in nature and are coated with electrostatic epoxy paint’, access flooring panel’s consist of a flat steel top sheet resistance welded to a formed steel bottom sheet,

which is in filled with a lighter weight ‘proprietary’ cementitious mixture, High density tiles, Uniquely designed hemispherical Reinforcing pockets on the under-side increase structural strength and deliver ultimate durability and acoustic performance( Noise ).

“The cantilever edge’s of the Steel Cementitious Flange Panel are reduced and this unique product-design evolving the technical performance of the system, reduces the risk of damaged at site and aims to provide tremendous advantages to the user with respect to handling of panels and ease of installation during the construction program.

Unifold Panel

Access Floor
Stringer Arrangement Come Tile

Aadam latest generation of raised access floor panel’s designed using the all new folded flange technology to guarantee a squeak free floor for our users of access flooring,

Aadam Unifold Access Floor Panel’s are non combustible in nature and are coated with electrostatic epoxy-paint, (These panels consist of flat steel top sheet resistance welded to a formed steel bottom sheet) , which is in filled with a lighter-weight ‘proprietary’ cementitious Blend, Uniquely designed hemispherical reinforcing pockets on the under-side enhance structural strength and deliver ultimate durability and acoustic performance(noise).

The uniqueness of this access flooring panel design is it engineered folded edges along the perimeter of the access flooring panel, which eliminates damage to the access flooring panel edges. Its wider beam width not only Increase the load carrying performance of the system but also provides a squeak free floor.

 “Eliminates squeaking/creaking sounds in your facility


Unilock Panels

Access floor
Semi Finished

Aadam Uni-lock Access Floor Panels are in non-combustible in nature,environment and are coating with electrostatic epoxy paint. These aadam unilock panels made up of a flat steel top point sheet resistance welded to a well-formed steel ‘bottom’ sheet, which is in filled with a lighter weight proprietary cementitious blend mixer. Uniquely designed a hemispherical rein-forcing pocket’s on the under-side Increase structural strength and delivered ultimate Strength and durability and acoustic fidelity performance noise reduce on this panel’s,

The Aadam Unilock design enables easy access to the cavity hole and increase enlargement the flexibility for a user to have a amalgamation and combination of “fastened and un-fastened” panel’s within the same installation on the access flooring,

Ultra Thin Panels

These “Aadam Access Floor Panels” (600×600,mm) are non-combustible in nature and are coated with electrostatic charges-epoxy-paint. These panels consist of a flat steel top sheet resistance welded to a formed steel “bottom” sheet made up engineered square pockets with a special reinforced beam’s, This forms a panel of an overall thickness of 22mm in filled with a lighter-weight proprietary cementitious mixture (blend).

access floor
Cable Arrangements

The unique engineering & design ensures structural probity of the Ultra thin panel and its under bottom-structure system for a general office application appeal, tested as per “international standards”.


Server Rooms, individual Offices, Conference Rooms, Meeting Rooms, Auditorium Space, Showrooms, And etc




All steel construction & cavity filled with cement slurry & epoxy The tile is powder coated
Bottom plate is having 64 sixty four round embossing design with spot speck welding to welding top and bottom plate
Shall have a maximum rang flange of (12mm) on all ‘four’ sides for-resting-on-stringers
Panels shall be a leisure on the grid formed by the stringers on panel, which are intrepid bolted get onto the pedestals,

Access Floor
Full Finished Access Floor


All steel construction signification zinc plated, Threaded bolt & nut for levelling adjustment on the top & bottom
Various different heights are available, Pedestal can carry more than 3000 kg axial load without any deformation,


All steel construction
Seamless rectangular shape


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