Prefab is related to prefabricated construction. The word ( “prefabricated structures“) it is an industry and residential projects The term is an Clubbing of panel-lized and 

Prefabricated Structures
Steel Structural Stage

commercial modular building systems , and can mean either one . In today’s usage the term ( “prefabricated structures“ ) is more closely related to the style of commercial sectors , usually modernist, rather than to a particular method of industrial construction ,

In the India the word “prefabricated structures” is often associated with a specific type of Commercial segment like industries, temporary sheds, labour quarters, generator rooms, site offices,  it can be re located from place to place any were on prefabricated structures,

Prefabricated structures construction is fast, and they are not as damaging to the environment as building a commercial building sectors the regular way could be. They offer the potential to reduce wastage and offer the benefits of mass production – lower prices, faster and easier to build, and a range of designs to choose from prefabricated structures,

Prefabricated structures Fewer defects , much faster construction’s , reduced energy consumption, lesser skill

Prefabricated Structures
Semi Finished Prefab

requirements , and wastage are possible the chief Virtue ( benefit’s ) of prefabricated structures st commercial buildings , But that is not all in colder climate’s , faster construction is essential because the building period is relatively shorter and commercial buildings or residential buildings reduce the amount of disruption the neighbours will have to put up with prefabricated structures,

If you have deep pockets and relatively expensive tastes and are very environmentally consciousness, the prefabricated structures construction are fast track comparing with conventional buildings and may be just what may be good for you which provides grand solution for modular, commercial  buildings On prefabricated structures,

Prefab is a fine noble solution for the commercial purpose as well’ , where it provides the easiness of installation of different various commercial offices , offering a great noble portability for offices and provides with an option of a portable office , Pre-fab construction best suits for portable toilets, telephone booths, police booths, portable toilets, site cabins and all types of prefabricated structures construction.


Prefabricated Structures
Roof Top Finished

Prefab Houses offers great flexibility in terms of design , manufacturing and integration. Same as like prefab houses, portable toilets can also be built in sections in factory. mini prefab houses is quite possibly the next biggest thing in manufactured prefab houses. According to Indian building laws, property owners or holders’ may built their second prefab houses on their property without a building permit from the government side. This allows building owners to maximize their lot potential , and create a custom living space ,

Prefab houses and modular houses are dwellings manufactured in a factory in advance, usually in sections that can be easily sent to the site and integrated . Architecture of a modular prefab houses design is very important and should be detailed.

Prefab houses are made of sandwich panels materials which are manufactured by combination of materials containing different various properties such as plastics, concrete and steel. These are specifically designed for longer period of applications or usage.

Prefabricated Structures
Prefab With Side Wall Panel

Modular Prefab houses are extremely durable, as well as water proof, termite proof and borer proof. Due to their longer life of utility and affordable cost, prefab houses manufactured can be used for permanent on life long, semi permanent or temporary application’s .

Our prefabricated structures are also used in different commercial applications including pre engineered building construction, schools, Colleges, Industries, portable site offices, portable health care centres, shops, telephone booths, police stations, Restrooms or portable toilets etcetera .


  • These are Pre-fabricated and have 100% recover value at all tide.
  • No welding at site is required. It is very safe for industries were welding inside plant is restricted.
  • Self supporting ready made elements are used, so that need for shuttering and scaffolding is reduced.
  • Prefabricated Structures
    Full Finished Prefab Structures

    Construction time is decreases and buildings are completed faster, earlier return of the capital invested.

  • On-site construction is reduced that timing ,
  • Quality can be controlled while the product is in production.
  • Less waste is generated.
  • Moulds can be used many times.


  • Lower weight reduces foundation groundwork requirement.
  • Prefabricated Structures
    Instant Readymade Prefab Buildings

    Highly recycled and can be continued to be recycled.

  • Durable if protected from corrosion.


Industries,  educational institutions, Govt / defence, industrial And infrastructure, textile units , Accommodation units, Site Offices, Security Cabins, Store Rooms, Army Barracks, Go-downs/Warehouse, Low-costing Houses, ATM Centres, Residential Units, Shopping Centre, Portable Telephone Booths, Portable Toilets And Bathroom or Portable Restrooms,


Restaurants, Watching Towers, Guest house, Individual Houses, Staff Quarters, Tea and Coffee Factories/Estates, And Instant Building Solutions for Any Type of Building Structures,


Highly Durable, Water Proof, Termite Proof, Most Reasonable And High Impact Strength,

Our manufactured Structures Product and all the qualities as stated above giving it very higher strength and making it durable for a long time life