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Mezzanine Flooring specialists , Aadam, are in India ( Tamil Nadu ), based on Commercial and industrial mezzanine flooring company, with over 12-years of experience in the all aspects of Commercial, Industrial, office, and retail mezzanine flooring, We have built an enviable “reputation” over the years, by working closely with our clients to produce innovative ‘cost’ effective installation’s that have satisfied our customers requirement’ for increased floor space throughout the South India at Aadam will deliver your solution, ‘on time, and on budget’.

Mezzanine Flooring maximise your existing workspace footprint.

Mezzanine Floor
Steel Structure With HD Board Mezzanine

It’ release unused space in a warehouse, office, showroom or a retail outlet, and maximizes your workspace footprint. By not utilising existing space, where extra storage, or retail floor space could be used, is not an option for any company. We have the experience to help you evaluate what could be possible in your existing environment. Everybody is aware of the hassle of moving premises with all the associated costs.

Our experienced design team, with our new 3-D CAD drawing programme will give you the options which are possible. Our innovative design, and competitive pricing, we can deliver affordable, and realistic  without  you moving premises. With our lease partners, Oak Leasing, you can spread the cost as well as the load, Take advantage of our lease plan, with industry leading rates, and make your budget stretch further.

Our personal service, unique designing,  and installation care are well known in the industry.

If you are looking to expand or consolidate your business, we can help you now. Our ideas and advice is completely without charge. Whatever your requirements for a flooring, our approach remains the same, to offer you the customer: the very best service at all times.

Mezzanine Floor
Semi Mezzanine For (Commercial)

They’ are the most cost effective way of increasing’ either your storage capacity On your space, or
increasing your sales area. As a company expands, the need for increased space puts pressure on both storage areas, and sales areas. The option is generally to move premises, with all of the associated expenses.
The simple and easy way to avoid the upheaval and costs is to install a mezzanine flooring.
Generally the only limiting factor is the height of the building. If you have the available height, think cubic space not floor space.

We start with a clean sheet of paper, and together with you, we will design and install single, or a multi–tiered mezzanine floor, to maximise your valuable work-space. Our aadam design team can discuss with you what you presently, and crucially what your future requirement’s might be, to enable you to expand your storage capacity as and when your company grows.

Aadam has over 12 years experience in mezzanine floor, and our customers from very large to smaller companies that simply chose us by reputation. We will build and design your mezzanine floor for you, on time and on budget,
We even have a finance and leasing option to help you afford what you require.

Mezzanine Floor
( Aerocon ) Panel Mezzanine

There are few limits to our mezzanine floor, we have asthetic designed, installed, and finished, like restaurants, car showrooms, retail outlets,to multitiered Mezzanine Flooring, Our aadam customers range from one of the largest steel companies in the world, to companies on industrial estates that just required that extra bit of space that they need. All of these projects were delivered on time, and crucially on budget.

Our personal service, unique designing, and installation care are well known in the industry. we supply and install a range of quality factories and Office, partitioning and suspended ceiling systems. As part of our service we can design and build office suites {beneath or on the mezzanine floor} to create – Offices, Canteens, Storerooms & Display areas.

We supply the full range of Shelving, Racking, Small parts Storage, Benches etc. Please take the time to have a look at our online shop, featured on this website. All of the products are high quality and many can be despatched within a few days. The full range of flooring ancillary is also available and all at very competitive prices.

If you are looking to expand or consolidate your business, we can help you now. Our ideas and advice is completely without charge. Whatever your quality requirements for a mezzanine floor, our approach remains residuum the same, to offer you the customer; the very best service at all times.

Mezzanine Floor
Full Finished Mezzanine

Why not drop us an email now, and let us show you what is really possible!


If your really Looking to move to new premises then stop, and think about mezzanine floor.  Not only can moving office be time consuming it’s very  expensive too, especially in today’s current South India economic climate.

Aadam can really come into it’s own and make a real difference. Mezzanine Flooring in many cases can double the available floor space of your current To land. The residuary (extra) space mezzanine flooring can bring to be used for new storage area for your business and additional offices area to make the storage and space much easier it is a unique flooring for industrial and commercial using.

Mezzanine Floor
Ground Floor Come First Floor Mezzanine

it should be looking to save money and time , So often mezzanine flooring is not considered by companies as they don’t understand them or the process of installing ,  Sevral Many of them are trust believe mezzanine to be expensive, intricate to install, hard to get planning permission or to fire rate.

Things you need to know about mezzanine flooring systems’

  • These are the very cost effective’ productespecially when compared and differentiate to relocating your business, even when a floor requires fire-rating or planning ‘order


  • Mezzanine Flooring Installation with Aadam Enterprises should be straight-forward to install with most average sizes structures being installed in under 5 to 7’days Depending on size and location, Also on several installation’s present operation won’t be effected as while the floor is actuality being constructed.


  • Mezzanine Floor
    Industrial Mezzanine (Commercial)

    It Planning Permission  mezzanine’s don’t require planning permission due to there size, even if they do it’s not a complicated process.


  • Building Regulations – Fire Rating They do require building regulations and just like planning-permission this isn’t a intricate or expensive or even stressful processing , Building regulations and fire-rating is a fairly potty (Simple) but in-depth subject however until then or if you require “information” now speak to a Aadam Enterprises flooring installer experts,

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If your business has run out of space and is looking at the cost of relocation’ ???  Before you do consider a mezzanine flooring from Aadam Enterprises Its simple just give our team a call and lets see if we have the right storage solution especially for you .