Prosperity to the Customers through our Innovation.


We at Aadam steel buildings pledge to provide prefab and customized steel buildings with best aesthetics at a most affordable cost within the stipulated time to meet the functional requirements .Apart from we deal with Aerocon ready-made walls and Access Flooring , we do mezzanine Floor for domestic and industrial purpose,

We achieve this by a dedicated team of engineers with the cutting edge manufacturing technology and latest design capabilities.

Achieve greater heights in Building Nation by dedicated service to prospering Customers and meeting Quality Standards to be among the Top 10 Conglomerate’s in Infrastructure Business with Innovation and Technology.

We address each and every concern of our valuable customers, thereby creating a strong partnership and mutual trust. We take pride in playing a vital role in creating a strong nation by providing strong buildings.



Aadam are in to prefab, partitions and access flooring, is a full service lender specializing in Designing, Build and Installing Space Frame Building system, Prefabricated structures Steel Buildings, Customized Architectural Structures. Our  Aadam Services cover a wide range of categories in prefab structural systems . Our Head Office is located in the  mega  Industrial city of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, South India

Our Company has grown over the past few years to become an integral part of the Structural Industry. Our employees are a vital part of our success. Since the first day of operation in March, 2005, the company has committed to providing the highest level of service and work quality to all of our customers. We pride ourselves in our ability to generate fast, friendly and personalized services. Our relationship with our customers is a top priority for every member of our team. We strive to meet the customer’s needs to ensure long-lasting relationships.

Aadam We adopted varying kinds of cost optimizing methodologies, without any compromise in standard quality and competence efficiency parameters. Our quality prefabricated structural engineering works have been respect appreciated by India’s several leading momentous Architects, Structural Engineers and the fact that we receive repeat enquiries and orders from our old esteemed Customers, stand as a testimonials for our excellent quality standards .

Mainstay :

Aadam a pioneering company in the field of Prefabricated Structural Engineering was founded in the year 2005 by two Enterprising Engineers of Mechanical and Civil disciplines. Over the years they have obtain gained rich experience in pursuing shadow their dreams to be among India’s leading Business Entrepreneurs and accomplish benchmarked Global Innovative Structures for their Projects.

Core Competence :

» Aadam, a pioneering Company in the field of Structural Engineering have executed a number of complex projects, in conjunction with the requirements of our esteemed clients and the professional demands of pre-eminent Architects and many other leading Architects. Over the years though our commitment and on going Research and Development we have been able to execute our projects with a clear span of over 180 feet.

» We have also under-taken construction of Innovative Structures for Industries, Institutions, Individual Home’s and Commercial building’s, have completed the same without escalation in costs and to the full satisfaction of our Customers.

» Another area of our core strength is an effective Enterprise Resource Planning system for Marketing, Design, Quality Control,  Manufacturing,  Logistics and Project Management and through this system we strive for successful completion of the project within the stipulated schedule time frame.

» With our comprehensive awareness of prefab structural knowledge we have a wide array of Structural Product’s to suit varied customer needs via Space Frame Structure’s, Prefabricated Structures etcetera.

» Also an area which demands our continued focus is Functional Aesthetics especially to Our clients who want something new in their prefab structures. Every project completed by Aadam is Unique in its own criterion. Most important Of Customer Satisfaction,


We ensure the stability and quality of a building by adhering to the stringent building code and material specifications that exceed the requirement. Designed and detailed with the latest software and also by adopting the best manufacturing.


In everything aadam we do as a company, we consistently delivers on commitments uphold that our employees are our strong and greatest asset. We can provided the splendid best if we have the best that’s why we’re honestly and truly committed to our people. Our aadam employee’s are very talented at what they do, but they’re also very talented at working together, with our clients and sub contractors.